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Current IPR interns

Current interns at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR).


Current interns

Rachel Hochman, MSc International Development, University of Bath

Before studying for an MSc in International Development at the University of Bath, Rachel completed her undergraduate degree in Law at The University of Manchester. After graduating in 2018, she joined Citizens Advice and continues to work with the charity part-time as a Welfare Benefits Caseworker. Rachel has a great interest in welfare states and social policy and supports the IPR's research on Universal Basic Income.

Danny Mtonya, MSc International Development, University of Bath

Having previously lived in Malawi, the US, Zambia, and Vietnam, Danny completed his undergraduate degree in BA Politics and American Studies at the University of Nottingham, and he is currently in the final semester of studying for an MSc in International Development at the University of Bath.

While at the IPR, Danny will be working on a research project within the IPR's Building back better programme that seeks to address inequalities in the Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) area whilst simultaneously improving public transportation linkages, carbon footprints and affordability.

Scott Shepherd, MRes Heath and Wellbeing, University of Bath

Scott is a recent postgraduate from the Department of Health at the University of Bath, with broad interests in the philosophy of science specifically in regards the interaction between method and theory. While at the IPR, he will be collaborating with Dr Geoff Bates supporting research relating to substance use and interventions targeting people who use drugs, and evidence reviews and data analysis on topics relating to climate change and health.

Samiya Usmani, BSc Sociology and Social Policy, University of Bath

Samiya Usmani is a BSc Sociology and Social Policy undergraduate at the University of Bath. While at the IPR, she will support research projects on Universal Basic Income and help assess the impact of varying economic systems on the Industry 4.0 in the UK.

Anastasia Di Leo, BA Economics and Politics, University of Bath

Anastasia Di Leo is an undergraduate Economics and Politics student at the University of Bath. During her time at the IPR, Anastasia will analyse, under a political economy perspective, the role of the government during the potential implementation process of Universal Basic Income in the Industry 4.0 labour market in the UK.

Linda Jankovicova, BA Sociology, University of Bath

Linda is a BA Sociology student at the University of Bath. While at the IPR, she will be looking at social patterns and the effects on demographic trends.

Jingwen Zhang, BA Economics, University of Bath

Jingwen Zhang is a first-year undergraduate at University of Bath. While at the IPR, she will support research looking at Green Energy Equities, highlighting the price movement in response to major announcements such as new green deals, carbon reduction policy and oil price changes, in order to find out whether the green energy equities are profitable investment.

Theresa Lightbown

Theresa Lightbown has just completed an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at the University of Durham. In September, she will be joining the MA International Relations programme at the University of Bath, to focus on foreign policy research. Her research interests lie in Franco-Algerian relations.

Nadine Shannon

Nadine Shannon has a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin; a BEng and BSc in Mechatronic Engineering and Computing from Institute of Technology Sligo; an MEng in Electronic Engineering from NUI Maynooth; and an MSc in Data Analytics from Athlone Institute of Technology. She has worked as a mathematical modeller and analyst/programmer for the insurance and reinsurance industry, and prior to that worked in academia as a researcher focusing on mathematical models for marine renewable energy systems. Nadine’s work with the IPR is focused on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the use of social media sentiment analysis in finance, and economic nowcasting.

Sanmoy Mukherjee

Sanmoy recently completed the MRes Economics programme (2019-20) as a postgraduate student at the University of Bath. His primary field of interests lies in the field of macroeconomics and econometrics. While at the IPR, he has been working with Dr Charles Larkin and Professor Shaen Corbet on cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes and their linkages to regulatory issues, cyber criminality and demographics it affected. He is also working on building a lexicon to comprehend the dynamics of cryptocurrencies and equities.


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