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International Education: Curriculum, Assessments, and Leadership Research Group publications

A collection of publications, including journal articles, from members of the International Education: Curriculum, Assessments, and Leadership Research Group


This page contains a selection of recently published articles from members of the International Education: Curriculum, Assessments, and Leadership Research Group.

  • Mifsud, D. (2023). "A systematic review of school distributed leadership: exploring research purposes, concepts and approaches in the field between 2010 and 2022". Journal of Educational Administration and History.
  • Poole, A., & Bunnell, T. (2023). "‘I’ve Become a Lot Tougher’: Expatriate Teachers’ Experiences of Precarity and Resilience in Non-Traditional International Schools in China". Beijing International Review of Education, 4(4), 590-609.
  • Hordern, J., & Brooks, C. (2023). "The core content framework and the ‘new science’ of educational research". Oxford Review of Education.
  • Eryilmaz, N., & Sandoval-Hernandez, A. (2023). "Is Distributed Leadership Universal? A Cross-Cultural, Comparative Approach across 40 Countries: An Alignment Optimisation Approach". Education Sciences, 13(2), 218.
  • Chawla-Duggan, R., Konantambigi, R., Lam, M. M. S., & Sollied, S. (2022). "Double Stimulation and Transformative Agency through Video Modalities with Young Children: A cross-national study of pedagogic relationships in families". Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 30(1), 89-109.
  • Eryilmaz, N., & Sandoval Hernandez, A. (2022). "Improving cross-cultural comparability: does school leadership mean the same in different countries?". Educational Studies.
  • Bunnell, T. & Savvides, N. (2022). "The United World College experience and its framing: The evidence from a residential Short Course". International Studies in Sociology of Education.
  • Hordern, J. (2022). "Powerful knowledge and knowledgeable practice". Journal of Curriculum Studies, 54(2), 196-209.
  • Savvides, N. & Bunnell, T. (2022). "The United World College movement in practice: The role of interaction rituals in releasing positive emotional energy to ‘spark change’". Compare: a Journal of Comparative and International Education.
  • McIntosh, S., & Hayden, M. (2022). "Disrupting conventional conceptions of parental engagement: Insights from international schools". Research in Comparative and International Education, 17(1), 51-70.
  • Mifsud, D. (2022). "Parents as educators during lockdown: juggling multiple simultaneous roles to ‘keep a top’ home-schooling amid the COVID-19 pandemic?". Journal of Educational Administration and History, 54(4), 397-419.
  • Pineda, P., & Mishra, S. (2022). "The semantics of diversity in higher education: differences between the Global North and Global South". Higher Education.
  • Pineda, P., Salazar Morales, D. A., & Celis, J. (2022). "School choice, institutional environments and the precarisation of teachers’ working conditions in not-for-profit charter schools". British Journal of Sociology of Education, 43(2), 237-259.
  • Bunnell, T., Fertig, M., & James, C. (2020). "The institutionalisation of schools and the implications for identity of experienced teachers: The case of International Baccalaureate World Schools". Cambridge Journal of Education, 50(2), 241-260.


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