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Pamela EA and Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano

Learn more about ActNowFilm participants Pamela EA and Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano.


Photos of ActNowFilm participants Pamela EA and Patricia Espinosa, with their names displayed underneath. The bottom of the picture features the ActNowFilm logo and the film title “Youth climate leaders in conversation with climate experts”.
Pamela EA and Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano are one of 30 pairs of youth climate leaders and climate experts from across the world matched for 1-2-1 conversations as part of this year’s ActNowFilm.

ActNowFilm: youth climate leaders in conversation with climate experts is an international youth voices in climate change project, selected to showcase at COP28. The film is based on 1-2-1 conversations between 30 pairs of youth climate leaders and world leading climate experts.

Pamela Elizarrarás Acitores (EA) is a documentary photographer and activist from Mexico, who has built a body of visual work and campaigns around climate justice and gender equality. She has worked on international, national, and regional campaigns for 6 years, advocating for climate justice, ocean resiliency, and gender equality through visual storytelling and community organizing.

Starting her activism in 2016, Pamela has integrated design thinking and storytelling into her work to synthesize compelling stories from the frontlines and encourage climate optimism in others. She has co-founded several initiatives, including BeSomeone.World, #EscazúAhora México, Latinas for Climate, to raise awareness on pressing matters and advocate for climate justice and gender equality. She also organized with the New York Climate Justice Youth Coalition and was part of the organizing team behind the September 20, 2019, climate march in New York, and behind the campaign for New York City to declare a climate emergency, which happened in June of the same year.

Most recently, Pamela co-founded Climate Words to bridge the gap between climate knowledge and action through storytelling, design, and visual communication. Pamela's work has been recognized with several awards, such as the Getty Images Scholarship and The Young Climate Voice Award by The World Around in collaboration with The Guggenheim and Meta.

For more than 40 years, Ambassador Patricia Espinosa Cantellano has worked at the highest levels of domestic and international levels of government and is a leading global voice on climate and sustainability issues as Founding Partner and CEO of onepoint5. She served as the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (2016-2022), Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico (2006-2012) and Mexico’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany (2013-2016), and to Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia (2002-2006).

Ambassador Espinosa is a leading authority on matters related to accelerating the global transition to sustainability, green growth, multilateralism, gender equality, and the protection of human rights. She chaired the 16th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, leading to the adoption of the Cancun Agreements – a critical step forward ultimately leading to the Paris Agreement. Named by the UN Secretary-General to the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post 2015 Development Agenda, she is a tireless supporter of multilateralism as a way to improve conditions for development in all regions of the world and crucial to linking the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2012, Ambassador Espinosa was appointed Ambassador Emeritus of Mexico, the highest recognition the Government of Mexico awards its diplomats. She is now the Founding Partner and CEO of onepoint5, a consulting firm committed to helping organizations accelerate the transition to sustainability – for tomorrow and today.


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