Induction events and activities

Departmental Induction

Monday 26 September 2022

Activity Time Location
Informal 'Come to Bath' day 11:15-13:00 4 West Level 2 Foyer
Meet your Cofactor 13:00-16:00 4 West 1.7

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Activity Time Location
Tea/Coffee 10:45-13:15 4 West Level 1 Foyer
Departmental Welcome 11:15-12:05 4 West 1.7
DoS Welcome: How does a PhD work? 12:15-13:05 4 West 1.7
Library Induction 14:15-15:05 4 West 1.7

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Activity Time Location
Tutor training 09:30-15:00 4 West 1.7

Thursday 29 September 2022

Activity Time Location
Software training 09:15-17:05 4 West 1.7 TBC

Friday 30 September 2022

Activity Time Location
Software training 11:15-14:05 4 West 1.7 TBC
Maths Social 15:00 TBC


If you are a SAMBa student, you can find your induction timetable organised by your doctoral training centre.

Starting your doctorate (e-learning module)

All new doctoral students are required to complete the 'Starting your doctorate' online course. Once registered, you should be able to access this course via Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment. This is a self-paced course that must be completed within your first two weeks.

Doctoral welcome reception

This will take place on Wednesday 26 October 2022 17:00 - 18:30. More information will be announced soon.

SU 'Fresher's Week'

As well as these compulsory events, you can also get involved in optional activities run by The SU.

Additional support

Covid-19 information for students

Find out more about the latest Covid-19 information for students.

Campus navigation

Check out our campus map to help you navigate the campus.

Help with technology

For any online sessions, if you need assistance with any IT, please contact the IT helpdesk before your induction sessions.

First meeting with your supervisor(s)

Please use our supervision checklist to help plan your first couple of meetings with your supervisor(s).