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Water Innovation Research Centre events

The Water Innovation Research Centre holds a variety of events that relate to water research. Here you can find a listing of events.


Date Event Type of Event Time Location
20.05.2021 WIRC Water Colloquium: Prof Maria Kennedy Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
22.04.2021 WIRC Water Colloquium: James Rand & Sally Pearl Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
11.03.2021 WIRC Water Colloquium: Prof Annemarie van Wezel Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
18.02.2021 WIRC Water Colloquium: Franek Bydalek & Andy Barnes Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
03.02.2021 IPR: Reflections on UK rivers and aquatic ecosystems Webinar 6.00pm - 7.15pm Online
10.12.2020 WIRC Water Colloquium: Liana Zoumpouli & Dr Paul Bayle Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
19.11.2020 WIRC Water Colloquium: Prof Arben Merko├ži Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
2.11.2020 - 4.11.2020 GW4 WSA Annual Conference 2020: Great Western Water Security Conference All day Online
15.10.2020 WIRC Water Colloquium: Dr Jo Burgess Webinar 1.15pm - 2.05pm Online
24.06.2020 Springs, pipes, reservoirs and rates: historical water management in the city of Bath Webinar 1.15pm - 2.15pm Online
19.06.2020 GW4 Water Security Alliance (WSA) Continental Breakfast Briefing: Water security in Africa Webinar 11.15am - 12.00pm Online
04.06.2020 Facebook Live Talk - Ioanna Stamataki: Floods and flash floods Webinar 1.00pm - 2.00pm Online
16.04.2020 Facebook Live Talk - Andy Barnes: The Science of Storms Webinar 1.00pm - 2.00pm Online
12.12.2019 WIRC/WISE Colloquium: David Birt and Bert Swart Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.2, University of Bath
19.11.2019 WIRC Water Colloquium: Prof Luuk Rietveld Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.1, University of Bath
24.10.2019 What is GW4 Water Security Alliance (WSA)? Introductory lunch Luncheon 12.15pm - 2.05pm CB 4.8, University of Bath
10.09.2019 Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) poster session Exhibition 2.00pm - 4.00pm The Edge, University of Bath
05.09.2019 Micro-plants and Mixing: the turbulent life of plankton (Minerva Lecture Series) Lecture 6.00pm - 7.00pm The Edge, University of Bath
17.07.2019 WIRC Water Colloquium: Olivia Bailey & Vicky De Groof Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.2, University of Bath
09.04.2019 Advanced Water Purification Technologies for Developing Countries: A Case Study in Tanzania Lecture 1.15pm - 2.05pm Design Studio, 9W, University of Bath
29.09.2019 Improved capacitive deionization by using novel carbon materials Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 1WN 3.11, University of Bath
14.05.2019 The Wessex Water Cycle: Challenges and Research Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.2, University of Bath
08.05.2019 Role of nanomaterials in waste water purification Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm CB 3.16, University of Bath
14.02.2019 Trace organic compounds in urban water bodies: occurrence & removal in advanced wastewater treatment Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.2, University of Bath
05.02.2019 A global perspective on the local challenges of water, waste and climate change in Bath Lecture 5.15pm - 6.05pm CB 2.6, University of Bath
13.12.2018 Science meets Practice: Academic Research for Water Utilities Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm CB 4.8, University of Bath
06.11.2018 Taking waste out of wastewater Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 2E 3.1, University of Bath
23.10.2018 Graphene-derivatives as nanofillers in polymer membranes for improved molecular separations Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 9W 3.08, University of Bath
10.10.2018 Combating pollution through new biodegradable plastics (Minerva Lecture Series) Lecture 6.00pm - 7.00pm E1.1, University of Bath
28.09.2018 FUTURES: Visions of Science Exhibition 5.30pm - 9.30pm The Edge, University of Bath
20.09.2018 Flood Resilience: from microstructure to superstructure Lecture 6.00pm - 8.30pm 8W 2.1, University of Bath
18.09.2018 Developing Cities: Flooding, Droughts and Wastewater Management Lecture 7.30pm - 9.00pm Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI)
13.07.2018 Little mixers and big mixers: Stirring things up in lakes and reservoirs Lecture 1.15pm - 2.05pm 1W 2.02, University of Bath
25.06.2018 International Women in Engineering Day 2018 Luncheon 12.15pm - 2.00pm 1W 2.01, University of Bath
11.06.2018 Wastewater-based epidemiology biomarkers: past, present and future Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 6E 2.7, University of Bath
17.05.2018 Green and Blue Cities Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 3W 3.7. University of Bath
01.05.2018 Pressure Makes the Unimaginable Imaginable Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm 9W 3.08, University of Bath
01.05.2018 Games for water governance Lecture 1.15pm - 2.45pm CB 4.1, University of Bath
26.04.2018 The invaluable value of water Lecture 6.15pm - 7.00pm 5W 2.4, University of Bath
19.04.2018 Water and Sediment: A Cascade across Scales Seminar 1.15pm - 2.05pm CB 3.6, University of Bath

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