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Physics Department Colloquium: Dr Jessica Wade

Dr Jessica Wade (Imperial College London) will give a seminar on Friday 21 June 2024.

  • 21 Jun 2024, 1.15pm to 21 Jun 2024, 2.15pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • 6 West, 1.2, University of Bath
  • This event is free

The Department of Physics is delighted to welcome Dr Jessica Wade (Imperial College London) to give the thirteenth Physics Department Colloquium of Semester 2 2023/24. Please join us to listen to Dr Jessica Wade's seminar titled 'Harnessing the functional properties of chiral materials for next-generation technologies'.

A reception will be held directly after the seminar, where tea and coffee will be provided.

The seminar is open to anyone from the university, students are encouraged to attend.


Harnessing the functional properties of chiral materials for next-generation technologies


The use of organic semiconductors as low-cost, lightweight, easy-to-process active layers in optoelectronic devices has attracted considerable research and technological interest for over thirty years. The functional properties of chiral organic semiconductors, including the absorption and emission of circularly polarised light or the transport of spin-polarised electrons, are highly anisotropic. As a result, the orientation of chiral molecules impacts the functionality and efficiency of chiral devices. We have developed a strategy to control the orientation of helicenes, prototypical chiral small molecules. Our approach forces the helicenes to adopt a face-on orientation and self-assemble into upright supramolecular columns oriented with their helical axis perpendicular to the substrate, or an edge-on orientation with parallel-lying supramolecular columns, which can independently switch on and switch off low- and high-energy chiroptical responses. Our templating methodologies provide a simple way to engineer orientational control and, by association, anisotropic functional properties of chiral molecular systems for a range of emerging technologies. In this talk I will speak about our efforts to control and characterise the orientation, order and supramolecular assembly of chiral small molecules and polymers, and the impact that has on the functional properties of chiral thin films and devices.


Dr Jess Wade is a Royal Society University Research Fellow and Lecturer in Functional Materials in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Her research considers new materials for optoelectronic devices and quantum technologies, with a focus on chiral systems and the identification of strategies to control photon and electron spin. Outside of the lab, Jess is involved with several science communication and outreach initiatives. She is committed to improving diversity in science, both online and offline.


Please join us at our Claverton Down campus in 6 West 1.2.

6 West, 1.2 University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom

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For any questions about the colloquium, please contact Dr Habib Rostami and Prof Kamal Asadi.