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Physics Department Colloquium: Dr Oleksandr Kyriienko

Dr Oleksandr Kyriienko (University of Exeter) will give a seminar on Friday 15 March 2024.

  • 15 Mar 2024, 1.15pm to 15 Mar 2024, 2.15pm GMT
  • 8 West, 3.14, University of Bath
  • This event is free

The Department of Physics is delighted to welcome Dr Oleksandr Kyriienko (University of Exeter) to give the fifth Physics Department Colloquium of Semester 2 2023/24. Please join us to listen to Dr Oleksandr Kyriienko's seminar titled 'Quantum computing and quantum machine learning: from theory to practice'.

A reception will be held directly after the seminar, where tea and coffee will be provided.

The seminar is open to anyone from the university, students are encouraged to attend.


Quantum computing and quantum machine learning: from theory to practice


Quantum computing represents a powerful concept, which suggest performing computing using inherently quantum mechanical objects, and solving problems that are classically intractable. Quantum computers draw strength from increasing a number of qubits – quantum objects storing superpositions of two quantum levels – and extending coherence of the entire system. Rapid advances of quantum hardware have recently led to the appearance of intermediate size computers made of dozens or even hundreds of noisy qubits. This has shifted the focus from theoretical to practical quantum computing. The capabilities of contemporary quantum computers largely depend on quantum software that they can run. Giving the current coherence limitations, new ways to design protocols are much needed.

In the talk I will introduce the basics of quantum computing. Next, I will discuss areas of applications and how QC can be pushed closer to practical use cases. I will explain how quantum computers can be trained to perform various tasks in an efficient way. Describing the basics of quantum machine learning, I will show how to master near-term devices and solve problems ranging from solving differential equations to phase recognition and fraud detection.


Please join us at our Claverton Down campus in 8 West 3.14.

8 West, 3.14 University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom

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For any questions about the colloquium, please contact Dr Habib Rostami and Prof Kamal Asadi.