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Be Well Week Event Guide

Have a look at all the free activities and events running throughout Be Well Week 11 - 17 October 2021. Why not try something new?

Monday 11 October

Settling into student life

Starting university can be an incredibly exciting time for some and daunting for others. For some it can be both. However, you are feeling about this transition, this workshop will be helpful for you to plan how to navigate this time effectively and ensure you have a very positive start to your university career.

Time: 10am
Booking required: book via eventbrite

Tuesday 12 October

Daoyin Qigong Workshop

Daoyin, also known as Qigong, is a kind of health preservation exercise that combines gentle stretches with deep, even breathing and the mind. It has the benefits of encouraging unhindered flow of energy throughout the body while calming the mind, ultimately promoting health. This workshop is wonderful introduction to this exercise, for all abilities and is hosted by Yu Feixia, a member of the International Health Qigong Federation and British Health Qigong Association.

Time: 10.30am - 11.30am
Booking required: book via MySkills

Wellbeing Walk

Join our wellbeing ambassador for a short walk around the boundary of campus and visit to Sham Castle. This is a great route to learn for those times that you need a quick break from the busyness of campus. An activity to take a break, get some fresh air, meet others or raise that heart rate.

Time: 12.15pm – 1.15pm or 1.15pm – 2.15pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Wednesday 13 October

Apps for Wellbeing

See how Assistive Technology can help with your wellbeing. Find out about a variety of apps that can support you to relieve stress, help practice mindfulness or manage your mood.

Time: 11am - 12 noon
Booking required: book via MySkills

Museums Inspire Creative Group

Join us for an afternoon of creativity and art at The Edge, and experience some of the wellbeing benefits of making and creating with others. This workshop will be led by 2 experienced artists who will guide you through a fun and simple creative activity inspired by objects from the collection at the Holburne Museum in Bath. No previous art experience is needed, just curiosity and a willingness to have a go!

Time: 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Let's talk about communication

Communication can be tricky! In this one-hour workshop, we’ll discuss tips and skills for effective, assertive communication – asking for help, saying what you want or need, expressing differences of opinion, setting boundaries, being authentic and standing up for yourself. We’ll also discuss how to use these skills to navigate different situations and types of relationship, and give ideas that you can practise and apply in your day-to-day life.

Time: 2pm
Booking required: book via eventbrite


Join us in our on-campus garden for this session to help us grow and maintain our garden. Depending on the weather you may be helping us to plant, working in the greenhouse or taking part in some garden crafts.

Time: 2pm - 4pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Thursday 14 October


Using mindfulness techniques this one hour workshop will teach you how to self-regulate and be more ‘in the moment’ when life feels demanding and stressful.

Time: 11am - 12 noon
Booking required: book via MySkills

Terrarium Making Workshop

Bringing the outdoors in can be a great way to enjoy plants all the year around. Join in with our virtual workshop to make your very own terrarium. We will even supply the materials you need to make your very own terrarium to take home.

Time: 1.15pm - 2pm and 2.15pm - 3pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Friday 15 October

Living with uncertainty

Learn how to tolerate and embrace uncertainty in this short workshop, which is based on theory and techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and related approaches. You will be guided to consider your own responses to uncertainty and explore some strategies to stay grounded and calm in the face of it.

Time: 9.30am - 10.30am
Booking required: book via MySkills

Anxiety Aid

Practical ideas and tips for managing anxiety and worry. In this workshop you will learn practical tools for managing anxiety, why worry is so compulsive and how to do less of it and some of the common thought patterns and behaviours that keep us stuck.

Time: 12.15pm - 1.15pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Weekend 16 & 17 October

Gardening on Saturday

Join us in our on-campus garden for this session to help us grow and maintain our garden. Depending on the weather you may be helping us to plant, working in the greenhouse or taking part in some garden crafts.

Time: 2pm - 4pm
Booking required: book via MySkills

Green space walking trails (Students in Uni Accommodation only) Saturday and Sunday

A chance to exercise and enjoy the green spaces and nature of Bath. Lead by SLAs, this is a chance to meet other students and aid your wellbeing. Up to 10 students per tour, six to seven km distance and roughly two hours long. Three route options available.

Booking required via the Student Living programme

Fitness and exercise

Check out the SU Bath Active timetable for a number of free exercise sessions including circuits, dance and yoga.

Online activities/Self learning

SU Activities, Groups and Volunteering

The SU are running a number of activities and groups this week. You can also find volunteering opportunities which are great for wellbeing. Check out everything on their webpages.

Read Well

Read well is a collection of over 50 books covering several self-help topics from anxiety to change or body image to sleep. The books are available to borrow from the library with many available to read online. Visit the Read Well page for full details and the reading list.


Listen to our series of ‘Heads up’ Podcasts where our Counselling and Mental Health team talk through and give tips on topics including exam stress, living with uncertainty, living with parents and procrastination.

Managing your mental health

Our Counselling Team have a number of resources and links on their managing your mental health page providing links and articles on dealing with common mental health problems.

Apps for Wellbeing

In our busy lives we always strive to achieve more and meet our goals, which means we are under constant pressures. It is important to take a break and find time to unwind and relax. Explore apps for wellbeing and see how they can help you recharge your batteries and approach your studying with a fresh mind.