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Household income assessment without taking a student loan

How you can apply for your household income to be assessed by the Student Loans Company for university bursary purposes without taking out student loans.

The guide is for those students who may not wish to take out loans from the Student Loans Company (SLC), e.g. Student Finance England, to fund their studies at Bath, for religious or personal reasons, but still need to have their household income assessed for university bursary purposes.

To ensure we receive household income information you will still need to apply for and have your household income assessed by the SLC, even if not taking loans out.

How to apply for an income assessment

You will need to submit a loan application to the SLC and pass their eligibility checks. However, you will be able to specify in your application to them that you do not want a loan and enter £0, so you won’t borrow any money.

  • Create an online Student Finance account and select that you would like to apply for a maintenance loan. Follow the steps of the application as if you were applying for the loan and provide all the necessary information.
  • When asked ‘Do you want to apply for the higher amount of Maintenance Loan? select ‘Yes, I want to apply for a higher amount of Maintenance Loan’. This lets the SLC know to assess your household income.
  • Later, when asked ‘How much Maintenance Loan do you want to borrow?’ select ‘I want to borrow a specific amount’.
  • When you are asked to input the amount, type ‘NIL’. This lets the SLC know that you are not taking out any loan.

When you have completed the application, your parents or partner will be asked to submit their household income information, as applicable. The SLC can then carry out your household income assessment and the outcome of this will be shared with the University of Bath.

This information is required so we can assess if you are eligible for any of our income related awards that you may have applied for e.g. the Gold Scholarship Programme or other income related award. We cannot carry out income assessments for you.

Current Year Income Assessments (CYI)

When doing the your household income assessment, the SLC will assess your household income for the tax year before last. If your income has gone down by 15% or more since then, you can let them know by also submitting a Current Year Income assessment (CYI).

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