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Learn Italian with the Skills Centre if you are a University of Bath student

Find out about our courses and how to enrol on the right one for you.

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Develop your language and intercultural skills

Course Levels

We offer four levels in Italian, Complete Beginner/Introduction to Italian, Lower Intermediate Part 1, Intermediate Part 1 and Advanced Part 1.

Introduction to Italian

If you have no prior knowledge of Italian and you are interested in discovering the beauty of Italian language and culture, this is the right course for you. Through this course, you will learn some basic Italian and you will start to explore various aspects of the fascinating culture of this country. Over 11 weeks you will learn to interact in common everyday situations, particularly focusing on developing your listening and speaking skills.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • introduce yourself
  • answer simple questions (say your age, job, nationality etc.)
  • talk about where you live and work
  • give information about your family
  • order food and drinks in a bar
  • ask for and give directions

Complete Beginner

This course is ideal for you if you have never studied Italian before.

At the end of this course you will:

  • have received an introduction to the language (pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar)
  • be able to talk about topics such as food, free time, holidays, daily routine
  • have learnt about Italian culture and society

Lower Intermediate Part 1

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have completed the Beginner course with us or have some notions of Italian (studied at least a year).

Or if you:

  • can introduce yourself (name, nationality, age, address and phone number etc)
  • can order food in a restaurant
  • can express likes and dislikes
  • have basic grammatical knowledge (verbs in the present, negative form etc)

Intermediate Part 1

Enrol on this course if you:

  • have some previous knowledge of Italian (completed Lower Intermediate with us and/or have a GCSE or similar qualification).

Or if you can:

  • describe items of clothing (size, colour, type of fabric etc)
  • talk about childhood and events in the past (Imperfetto/Passato Prossimo)
  • describe people physically and personally
  • write about a journey/travel that you enjoyed and give advice to others (use of the conditional)
  • talk about your spare time: art, cinema, music etc


The Autumn Term will start on 30 September. Enrolments for University of Bath students are now open. To enrol yourself on the course of your choice, please click on the link below.

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Independent Language Learning

University students can access independent language learning resources including films, books, and online resources to help you build your knowledge and language skills from the Language Learning Zone.