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Receiving and accepting your undergraduate offer

Find out when you might receive an offer, how to reply and the differences between unconditional and conditional offers.

Student accepting an undergraduate offer
Student accepting an undergraduate offer

When you might receive your offer

We aim to make decisions before the end of April on all applications received by the 31 January deadline. If you apply by 31 January you will receive an offer before 16 May at the latest. Read more about UCAS key dates.

Reasons for a delay

We want to give your application our full attention and recognise the time you and others spend making them. However, it is difficult to anticipate how many applications we will receive for each course and it is our priority to make sure your application is treated fairly alongside every other application we receive.

Many of our degrees are very popular and the number of places we have is limited. This may mean that it will take us a little while to make a decision on your application, but please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us straight away. We know waiting can be stressful and we aim to make a decision as quickly as possible. Once we have made a decision, you will be notified directly through UCAS Track.

Different types of offers

If we offer you a place, you will receive either a conditional or an unconditional offer.

Conditional offers

If you receive a conditional offer, you must meet certain conditions to study at Bath.

Some of the conditions you may have to meet include:

  • achieving certain grades in your exams
  • uploading certificates of your qualifications to our undergraduate Application Tracker
  • meeting an English language requirement

If you don't understand any of the conditions of your offer, or you are not sure that it matches the qualifications you are taking, email

Read more about what you need to do when you get your exam results if you have a conditional offer.

Unconditional offers

An unconditional offer means that you have a place to study here with no conditions attached. If you accept the offer, your place on the course is guaranteed.

We only make unconditional offers if you have already achieved your qualifications.

We do not make unconditional offers to applicants who are yet to complete their Level 3 qualifications (A levels or equivalent). This is because of the high level of demand for our programmes and the strength of the applications we receive.

We also want to make sure that you are suitably prepared for when you start your studies.

Read more about the considerations around accepting an unconditional offer on the UCAS website.

Replying to your offer

When you receive your offers, you must decide which to accept as your firm choice and insurance choice. The insurance choice is your backup in case you do not get the grades to meet the conditions of your firm choice.

You can only accept two offers. If you get more than that, you must decline any others.

Reply to your offers through UCAS Track.

Guidance from UCAS on replying to offers explains reply deadlines and different kinds of offer combinations.

Your contract with the University begins as soon as you accept your offer. You have the right to cancel your acceptance within 14 days for any reason.

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