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Useful information about your 2020/21 learning experience if you are a student on a taught programme

Bath Blend

The ‘Bath Blend’ is the blended learning approach that the University has developed for the delivery of our taught programmes in academic year 2020/21. It combines in-person activities on campus, live interactive learning, and structured independent study.

The Bath Blend is designed to deliver the same excellent quality of teaching and learning that we would normally provide. In developing it, we carried out a full review of our curricula to support a positive blended learning experience.

The Bath Blend approach to programme delivery enables us to be flexible, both in supporting individual student circumstances in the context of COVID-19, and in responding to any changes (such as in social distancing requirements) that may be necessary during the course of 2020/21.

In 2020/21, we will provide extensive pre-recorded materials online, supplemented by Live Online Interactive Learning (LOIL) sessions. For those precious activities which are best conducted face-to-face, we will offer In-Person Time (IPT) on campus. Any exam-based assessment will be online.

You can find additional information online about the Bath Blend and skills support available to help you engage with your studies this academic year. During the year we will be asking you for your feedback on your experience of the Bath Blend.

In preparing to make the most of your learning experience this year, you may find the following resources helpful:


In the Bath Blend context, you may find that some terms we use to describe learning, teaching and assessment are unfamiliar to you. You may find it helpful to check the Bath Blend glossary of terms, or if you have specific questions, ask a member of staff.

Year Dates and Timetables

You can find a summary of key semester dates for the academic year 2020/21 online.

Guidance is available on accessing your individual academic timetable, understanding what you’ll be able to see in your timetable this year in the context of the Bath Blend, and what to do if you think something isn’t right with your timetable. You should check MyTimetable regularly.