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International Projects for Equity in STEM (iPES)

These projects aim to develop methodologies for improving equity for and by STEM colleagues and students.

Project status

In progress


1 Jan 2023 to 1 Jan 2025

This is the project page for two linked international and interdisciplinary partnership projects:

  • A British Council Funded Research Project in partnership with Cairo University
  • A Bath Global Chair Project (supporting a successful UNESCO Chair for Professor Burke) with the University of Newcastle, Australia, and their partners in Ghana.

These projects are developing methodologies for improving equity for and by STEM colleagues and students.


This project benefits from the contributions of external funders.


  • University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Cairo University, Egypt
  • British Council

Research teams

University of Bath team

Cairo University team

University of Newcastle team

Expected outputs/aims:

These projects aim to:

  • provide a greater understanding of how leaders, students and staff in STEM have experienced intersecting gender (in)equities
  • develop an understanding of the research and data on the impact of gender inequities on STEM subjects
  • generate a set of policy and-or practice recommendations for the faculties and universities, specific to their contexts, pertaining to intersecting gender inequalities in STEM
  • further develop the model for future working with other universities around intersectional gender inequalities in STEM.
  • provide opportunities for leaders, staff and students in to develop international networks for research and practice in developing greater intersecting gender equities in STEM
  • ensure that people with intersecting gender identities (including men) across the two faculties will feel more knowledgeable, and internationally informed about the extent, nature and cost of gender inequities in their country and the cost to their disciplines, faculties and universities

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