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Moments of Change for pro-environmental behaviour shifts (MoCHA)

This research looks at how moments of individual and societal disruption can lead to lifestyle changes that make a positive environmental impact.


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Our research

Responding to climate change requires alterations to individual and collective behaviours. This Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) research, in association with the Department of Psychology, explores how understanding moments of change, and adapting to them, can lead to positive environmental impacts.

The two major areas of this research are:

  • exploring and tracking moments of pro-environmental behaviour change across cultures and life course
  • examining the effectiveness of behavioural interventions targeted to moments of change.

A moment of change

A moment of change is when circumstances shift quickly. They include life course moments – like becoming a parent or changing careers - and external changes – such as travel disruption or the impact of wider societal disruption.

The relationship between moments of change and environmental impact is complex. There are differences across individuals, cultures and society.

Expected outputs

This project aims to improve understanding of the dynamics of pro-environmental change across the life course and cultures. It will explore how targeted interventions during moments of change can influence lifestyle alterations.

Through cross-cultural research using secondary and big data analyses, longitudinal qualitative interviews and panel surveys, the project will:

  • explore moments of pro-environmental change across cultures and life-courses
  • analyse longitudinal behavioural shifts during moments of change
  • investigate interventions targeted to moments of change.

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