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When young people discover their shared values: Effects on hope and environmental engagement

This project examines how young people’s perceptions of shared values with their peers underpin environmental hopes and actions.



Project status

In progress


1 Dec 2023 to 28 Feb 2026

Young people often incorrectly assume that others don’t care as much about protecting the environment as they do.

Although this assumption is a clear misperception, it feeds a cycle of dwindling hope and environmental engagement which is particularly alarming in an age group that will require resilience to deal with the crisis.

This project aims to break this vicious cycle. It builds on recent empirical developments showing that people across ages and from around the world agree on the importance of values, such as protecting the environment, and that making people aware of these ‘shared values’ elicits a sense of connectedness and hope about the future.

The research will develop and systematically test an intervention that helps young people discover their shared values and allows them to agree on concrete goals to protect the environment.

Team members

Expected outputs

We expect to develop an effective intervention for increasing young people’s hope and environmental engagement.

We will work with our partners, Global Action Plan, to distribute our intervention and findings to a wide network of stakeholders.

Our funders and partners

This project benefits from external funding and the expertise of partners.

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