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Science REF 2021 impact case studies

Our research is improving lives and changing the world we live in. Read the stories behind our Research Excellence Framework submission.

Allied health professions, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy

Our research spans fundamental drug discovery science, target identification through to health care delivery and lifelong health.

Biological sciences

We carry out research on animals, plants and microorganisms across a broad range of areas from cell and developmental biology, structural and molecular biology to evolutionary biology and biodiversity.


Our research spans from fundamental chemistry to applications in catalysis, materials, healthcare and sustainable chemical technologies.

Getting ready to retyre

Professor Matthew Jones

Professor of Chemistry, Matthew Jones, talks about finding a new catalytic route from ethanol to butadiene.

Computer science and informatics

We research systems-wide issues in computer science ranging from mathematical foundations through visual and cognitive processes to artificial intelligence, human-centred design and collaborative systems.

Mathematical sciences

Our research is based on teams focusing on particular research areas but with a strong culture of collaboration and mutual support.

Improving clinical trials

Two women wearing scrubs and hair nets look down the viewfinders on a pair of microscopes in a laboratory setting

By establishing better 'stopping rules' for the clinical trials, mathematicians at the University have made clinical trials faster and more efficient.

Keeping forests healthy

forest and castle

Find out how a new statistical model developed at the University of Bath is improving forest health monitoring.


We have a thriving research programme, encompassing physics from the nanoscales to the most energetic processes in the Universe.