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Professor Peter Lambert

Professor of Latin American Studies, specialising in contemporary Paraguayan politics and history

Peter Lambert

Professor in Spanish and Latin American Studies BA, PhD, FHEA

1 West North 4.25
Email: p.w.lambert@bath.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3272


Consultancy and work outside the University

Peter has worked as a consultant on governance and democracy in Paraguay for various organisations, including Freedom House and USAID. He has lectured internationally on democracy in Paraguay, as well as nationally in institutions such as Chatham House, the FCO, Canning House, and ISA, London.

He also works voluntarily for Bristol Links with Nicaragua, an organisation dedicated to raising money for educational projects in and around Bristol’s twin town Puerto Morazán. He is a trustee of the related charity, Friends of Morazán.


Prior to working at the University of Bath I took my undergraduate degree in American Studies at the University of Birmingham, specialising in Latin American politics and Spanish. After working in Paraguay from 1987-1992 I worked as a lecturer/senior lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies at UWE, Bristol. My PhD (1998) was based on a comparative study of democratisation in Chile, Paraguay and Nicaragua, and questioned the mainstream institutional and procedural approach to democratisation, prevalent at the time.

I moved to the University of Bath in 2000 to organise the launch of Spanish and Latin American studies across three undergraduate degree programmes (BSc (Hons) International Management and Modern Languages, BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies, and BA (Hons) Language and Politics) and was responsible for curriculum design, programme development and the subsequent expansion of teaching provision. I have taught Spanish and Latin American history, politics and language across all years of the undergraduate programme, as well as the Masters in Interpreting and Translation.

My research is focused on Paraguayan history and contemporary politics, as well as broader issues of foreign policy, democratisation and national identity.

My key publications include:

  • The Paraguay Reader (Duke UP 2012) co-edited with Andrew Nickson,
  • Latin American Foreign Policies: Between Ideology and Pragmatism (Palgrave 2011, co-edited with Gian Luca Gardini)
  • National Identity and Political Violence in Latin America (Palgrave 2006, co-edited with Will Fowler)
  • The Transition to Democracy in Paraguay (MacMillan 1998, co-edited with Andrew Nickson)

I have undertaken consultancy work on Paraguay for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Freedom House and USAID and was President of the Society for Latin American Studies from 2007-2009.

As Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, I am responsible for developing teaching practice, improving the student learning experience and all issues concerning quality assurance across the Faculty.

In addition to my teaching, I also supervise a number of PhD students in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies who are undertaking research on Latin American politics.

In 2012 I was awarded the University prize for Leadership in Learning and Teaching.


  • Paraguay – contemporary politics and history
  • Paraguayan foreign policy
  • democratisation in Latin America
  • nationalism and national identity in Paraguay

Current projects

  • Paraguayan foreign policy towards Brazil
  • National identity and nationalism in Paraguay





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