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Advisory Board

The School's international Advisory Board has members drawn from a variety of backgrounds, both from industry and the public sector to help us garner a variety of skills and a breadth of knowledge.

Members offer advice on issues such as executive development needs, graduate attributes, employability issues, fundraising and emerging technologies/business practices. Members help to guide the School in its development and enable us to strengthen links between the academic community and its external constituencies. The Board meets formally twice a year but many of the members spend time in the School giving guest lectures to the students and attending various functions.

Current members of the Advisory Board

Statement from the Chair

Sir Francis Richards

I feel privileged and delighted to be involved with the School as it takes its already outstanding credentials to a new level. I find its practical focus, its insights and its enterprise inspiring, and its ambitions for the immediate future - reflected in the landmark building now under construction - exciting.

Statement from Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan

As the world of business undergoes tumultuous change, the challenge of business education must rise to the challenges that change provokes. It's tremendously exciting to watch the vigour and imagination that is taking place at this School. New building, new curriculum, new people: all represent an open and energetic determination to create a place where the role and workings of management can be explored with rigour and excellence.

Statement from Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith

Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith

It is a great honour to join the School of Management Advisory Board as the School embarks on an extraordinary and exciting future. Enterprise is my passion and I look forward to supporting the School as it supports and develops the next generations of entrepreneurs.