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Aerospace Industry Research Projects

collageThe UK LAI project was formed when decreasing Defence budgets, combined with new competitive pressures in the commercial sector, created major challenges for the global aerospace industry. The UK aerospace industry recognised the need to eliminate waste and to add value within its operations and the UK Lean Aerospace Initiative (UKLAI) now supports these efforts to improve performance through a national research programme involving a leading consortium of Universities of Bath, Cranfield, Nottingham and Warwick, and over thirty participating aerospace companies, together with a close collaboration with the US Lean Aerospace Initiative at MIT.

Research at Bath is directed by Professor Andrew Graves and the research team have played an important role in establishing Aerospace Performance Metrics for industry benchmarking, identifying barriers and enablers for change and generating industry specific case studies to stimulate shared learning and performance improvement.

Current Research Themes

Benchmarking Performance

Tracking improvements in the aerospace industry using the aerospace metrics.

Accounting for the Lean Enterprise

Measurement and accounting systems that support lean implementation and through-life management.

Value Chain Dynamics

Key drivers, intra- and inter-organizational connectivity, and organizational design issues for effective value chain competition.

Through-life Value in Aerospace

Implications of customer value redefinition for design, manufacture and customer support

Supporting Projects

LeanXeur E.U. - eLearning Tools for Lean Implementation