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What they say about the MBA

Diversity - in the class, the speakers, and the subjects you study, are a key feature of the Bath MBA, along with the flexibility of the programme.

Gareth Rees,
Head of Telematics Claims at Admiral Group.

In terms of securing the perfect job there is a lot of good value things you can do; like doing your research, making sure you are prepared and don’t fall into any simple mistakes. The key thing is to probably just be yourself.

Phil Dennehy

You’ll realise the benefits [of the Bath MBA] immediately; but more importantly you’ll realise those benefits throughout your career

Simon Gould,
Bath MBA graduate, Managing Director of BMT Hi-Q Sigma

My project at Intel was a compelling, stressful and breath-taking journey giving me global scope in a Fortune 100 company. Securing my post MBA role and work visa was a joint effort between myself, Intel and The Bath MBA. I couldn't have done it alone.

Vladimir Brenner

One of the most valuable things that the MBA taught me was how to network - I got my job through networking and I'm delivering my final project for the company that I'm going to work for. The Bath MBA alums and people in your class are fantastic and can put you in touch with influential people around the world.

Sarah Louw

The Bath MBA generates the breadth of skills, fresh thinking and innovative behaviour that we value at Intel. The Bath MBA project helps us to focus in on a particular business problem and in so doing identify great potential recruits from around the world for Intel. I regularly recommend the Bath MBA to other Talent Managers as a solution to staff development and recruitment needs.

Richard Brown - Intel

The Bath MBA can be a valuable tool for personal development. Rounding out the person, expanding their confidence, knowledge and experience.

Larry Banda - Nationwide

I selected Bath because of the entrepreneurial aspects of their MBA which is without doubt one the best investments I have made to date. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been close to my heart. I have a social enterprise element to my business model which means that I invest 10% of my profits back into local communities. Besides making money I know that I am also adding value to peoples lives and I have transformed from a '9-5' to a Social Entrepreneur

Emeka Madubuogor

The Bath MBA is not only about business, it is about yourself; to start thinking from different angles and to realise who you are to become a better manager

Angelica Acosta

Bath is renowned for the fact that it is highly ranked in terms of research expertise, and the advantage of a good infusion of theory and practice is crucial

Karthik Ramachandran