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The Agile team works closely with some of the best researchers in the field. Through Professor Andrew Graves, the Agile Construction Initiative enjoys close links with the Centre for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who were the pioneers of international industry benchmarking and the first to highlight the concept of Lean Production through their work of the International Motor Vehicle Program.

Agile has found that formal and informal collaborative links are crucial to carrying out innovative research, and ensuring that it does not duplicate effort. Agile will enhance the relevance and value of its work by extending links already formed with non-academic organizations, such as the Construction Industry Board, the Construction Research and Innovation Strategy Panel, the Construction Industry and Research Information Association and the Building Research Establishment. Agile is also working closely with other Goverment Departments to ensure that its HM Treasury benchmarking activity is compatible Constructing Excellence ‘industry benchmarks’, to develop a common approach to high-level benchmarking.

Recently, Agile formed a collaborative relationship with Achilles Information Systems to expand its expertise in the technological and information management areas of benchmarking. Achilles is a world leader in B2B e-commerce solutions with extensive experience in the utilities sector, and in partnership with Agile will bring this experience to bear upon the development of benchmarking systems for construction clients and suppliers. Together Achilles and Agile were commissioned by the Confederation of Construction Clients to help with the development of the Client’s Charter performance indicators and manage the subsequent benchmarking activities.

Agile are also part of the joint academic-industry team that have established the first UK Lean Construction Network, binging together the research work of Agile and that ongoing at the Universities of Salford, Dundee, Loughborough, Cranfield and Reading, and insitutes such as the BRE, LCI, M4I, DETR, CRISP and CIOB. Balfour Beatty, John Laing Construction, Ove Arup, Taylor Woodrow and others provide industry support for this network.

Furthermore, the Agile have collaborated with UMIST in their work on design management in construction.