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Introducing the Agile Construction Initiative ...

The Agile Construction Initiative was established in 1996 by Professor Andrew Graves, together with Balfour Beatty, its original industrial partner. The project set out to promote performance improvement within the construction industry to give substance to the targets set down by Sir Michael Latham and, subsequently, Sir John Egan. The central theme was to develop, adapt and transfer lean production and management techniques pioneered in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Seven Bridges

Early Agile research identified the client as an important driver for performance improvement, from which developed a long-term research partnership with HM Treasury and the Government Construction Client Panel (GCCP members). As a result of the work with HM Treasury, Agile now have a key role in the development and administration of the Confederation of Construction Clients’ Charter Scheme that encourages clients to improve their procurement processes and drive improvement throughout the construction sector.

The programme’s industrial sponsors have played a key role in the development of the research programme. Agile sponsorship has now grown to include a full range of organizations that represent the entire construction supply network.