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Past research seminars and events 2018


UK and overseas speakers are invited to the School to share their experiences and findings with staff, doctoral students and the members of the public. Previous seminars can be found here 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

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Qualitative Research Symposium 2018: How do we belong? Researcher positionality within qualitative inquiry

In the Symposium this year, researchers were invited to explore their positionality within their current work. Often, there is not have the time or space to explore these positions with much depth. Peer- reviewers, editors, and funders all tend to privilege the knowledge generated through the work over its multiple methodological nuances. This symposium hopes to help researcher reflect on their work in the context of positionality.

Keynote speaker: Doctor Sara Delamont, Cardiff University

Location: Chancellors' Building

Time: 8.00am - 4.00pm

Contact: QRS Organising Committee



International political risk management: perspectives, approaches and emerging agendas

In this talk the extant and emerging perspectives on, and approaches to, political risk management, particularly in the context of foreign direct investment will be reviewed. The talk will identify and classify the various theoretical lenses in the domain of political risk management, and suggest a future research agenda. The talk contributes by conceptually categorising and mapping the extant research onto three approaches to the management of political risk. Through conducting a narrative literature review, the suggestion is of three theoretical perspectives on political risk management: institutions, resources and capabilities, and resource dependence. The argument that the institutions approach to political risk management is reactive, responding to external stimuli, whereas the resources and capabilities based approach is proactive, preparing and acting in anticipation. The resource dependence domain offers an intermediate approach - the active management of political risk. There is also the suggestion that the effectiveness of the domains' approaches may vary across different national contexts.

Speaker: Professor Tom Lawton, The Open University

Location: 8 West 4.23

Time: 13.30pm

Contact: Research Office



Struggling with the material: How can we understand materialities when all we have is the medium of word?

Speaker: Professor Nancy Harding, University of Bath

Location: 8 West 4.23

Time: 13.30pm

Contact: Research Office