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Alumni Fund: enhancing student experience

Regular gifts to the Alumni Fund contribute to scholarships, hardship funds, clubs and societies and more.

Your gifts to the Alumni Fund support placements, fund equipment for societies and clubs, transform spaces on campus and more. Take, for instance, the revamped Students’ Union and learning resources for our 24-hour Library.

From underwater drones and new kit for the American Football Club, to tools for the Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycle team and sponsorship of the Bath Taps into Science Festival – the projects your Alumni Fund supports fuel the vibrant community here on campus. Small change adds up to make a big difference.

Dreams take flight

Bath University Rocket Team takes off.

Bath University Rocket Team posed with Mallard 1 rocket

Students have tight budgets but big ambitions and your Alumni Fund helps get them off the ground – 3,740m (12,270ft) off the ground in 27 seconds, in the case of the Bath University Rocket Team. Thanks to a grant, they were able to design, manufacture and launch the Mallard 1 (named after the campus ducks) at the international 2019 Spaceport America Cup.

The team said: “We would never have been able to achieve this without your support. The money also enabled us to conduct an outreach programme to get schoolchildren excited about engineering.”

Racing to success

“We owe large amounts of our success to the Alumni Fund. It’s extra special that graduates are keeping the team going and enabling students to excel.”

Team Bath Racing Electric (TBRe), the UK’s best student electric racing team

Team Bath Racing Electric with car

Supporting students to bloom

Whether on- or off-campus, the Alumni Fund is enabling opportunities for students.

Enhancing student wellbeing

Silvercloud was launched thanks to the Alumni Fund. This is an online self-help platform covering stress management, self-esteem, communication and more, which dramatically extends the reach of the University’s counselling service. Donations have also enabled a gardening scheme to bloom on campus, by purchasing tools and equipment.

Sessions will be run for students as part of a package of supported recovery, and also for those who wish to learn new skills and maintain good physical and mental health.

Outstanding placements

Two-thirds of our undergraduates choose a placement or to study abroad – an experience that sets them apart from other graduates. Thanks to you, the Alumni Fund offers placement grants of £2,000. Madeline Saunders worked at the Lab for Infant and Toddler Language at Emerson College, USA.

She says: “Your kindness and generosity are what allow students to strive for opportunities that they may not have been able to without your support. We are incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful alumni who want to help current students.”

Give students the best university experience

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