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Apply for funding to support your unpaid or low-paid placement

You can now apply for financial support if you are a Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences student going on an unpaid or low-paid placement in 2024 to 2025.

Support for your placement year

Your placement year can sometimes be unpaid or low-paid. We want to ensure financial concerns don't prevent or limit your ability to take up opportunities.

We're awarding grants from £1,000 (pro rata for shorter placements), which can be used for living costs or activities that will enhance your learning during your professional placement. Funding is limited and not guaranteed for all students.

Applications are open this year from 19 February until 7 June 2024

Eligibility criteria

You must:

  • be a UK student and be registered on a full-time campus-based Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences undergraduate course or be registered on a full-time Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences postgraduate taught course
  • not be in receipt of a commercial scholarship
  • be expecting to start your placement in the 2024/25 academic year

As part of our decision process, we will also take into account if:

  • you are a care leaver
  • you entered university with an Access qualification
  • you, your partner or a parent or guardian receives a state means-tested benefit
  • your home is in a neighbourhood with low participation in higher education
  • your home is in a neighbourhood with low social mobility
  • your school/college performance is below average (as supplied by UCAS)
  • you have a disability which may incur additional costs whilst on placement (please specify in the ‘Other’ option on the application form)
  • you are a young carer
  • you are an irreconcilably estranged student
  • you are a refugee
  • you are a Bath Bursary recipient
  • you are a Gold Scholarship recipient
  • you are an Alumni Fund recipient

You do not need to provide evidence of this as the panel will have access to this information.

Additional terms and conditions

If you withdraw or suspend from your placement before completing (other than in exceptional circumstances, such as illness) you will need to repay the award.

Further information is available in the terms and conditions.

Please note: there is one joint application form for both the Alumni Fund Placement Fund and the undergraduate Humanities & Social Sciences Placement Bursary. The joint application form has been created to avoid students duplicating efforts by completing a very similar application form twice. If you apply to the Alumni Fund and are a Humanities & Social Sciences student, you will automatically be considered for the HSS Placement Bursary. If you are not eligible to apply for the Alumni Fund, please use the application form to solely apply for the HSS Placement Bursary. The postgraduate taught student application form is separate.

Hear from previous bursary recipients

Two previous recipients tell us what receiving the grant meant to them.

'Thanks to the HSS funding, I have been able to afford to travel to colloquiums, poster sessions, and other opportunities offered by my placement. As well as allowing me to make the most out of my placement, the funding has allowed me to explore the country I'm living in, and get the full experience of living abroad.' Placement Student 2022.

'As rent and general living costs are so expensive in London, the funding that I received for my unpaid placement was incredibly helpful. It has helped to cover travel costs and other living expenses. I am very grateful.' Placement Student 2022.

Apply for funding

Please complete the relevant application form:

Contact us

If you have any questions about the funding, you can get in touch via email.