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Be Ready Programme

The Be Ready Programme offers a menu of talks, workshops and sessions for schools and colleges to prepare their students for study at university.

The Be Ready programme offers a wide range of free, engaging, in-person and online presentations and guidance sessions, providing support to students, teachers, and parents/carers.

The Be Ready Programme: Support for Students

An overview of support for students in schools and colleges

The programme has been designed with the intention of providing knowledge and skills that can be developed and built upon through key stages 3-5. A student who engages with the programme from key stage 3 onwards will take part in sessions that build on those of the previous levels, providing them with continuity and context, as well as measurable progress.

There are 3 levels of learning corresponding to key stages 3-5

3 core themes are explored at each level with the exception of key stage 5, where Professional Development is included within University Focus.

  • Professional Development
  • University Focus
  • Skills Focus

We also offer sessions for teachers and parents/carers and can support in-school careers fairs where we have capacity.

Be Ready Programme: Support for Parents/Carers

We provide comprehensive support to parents and carers in guiding their children through the university application process and the transition to higher education. Our range of informative talks is aimed at ensuring parents/carers are well-informed about what applicants can expect. We are keen to engage with parents/carers of students in key stages 3 & 4, as well as those in Sixth Form, with the goal of demystifying the application process and addressing any potential misunderstandings about student finance and the benefits of university education.

We are delighted to participate in events, including Parents Evenings, Open Days, and any other initiatives you organise where we can provide valuable insights and assistance. Our aim is to empower parents/carers to support their children effectively as they embark on their journey towards higher education.

See details of all the Be Ready sessions for parents/carers
A student and parent/carer touring campus

Be Ready Programme: Support for Teachers

Our Be Ready support for teachers is specifically designed to focus on the application process, including assisting teachers involved in writing references and checking personal statements. Our primary goal is to ensure that teachers stay well-informed about the options for applicants, the application process across the sector as a whole and, more specifically, about the application process as it applies to the University of Bath.

See details of all the Be Ready sessions for teachers
a teacher talking to two students

Careers Fairs

The Be Ready team can support in-school careers fairs where we have the capacity and where possible we will invite student staff to attend with us or on their own if we aren’t available.

Email us for more details and to request our attendance
Students visiting the Careers Fair

Making a booking


Please email us to book the sessions you are interested in.

If you would like to discuss any part of the Be Ready programme or how we can tailor our sessions to meet your needs then please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can also find out about the team that could be coming to your school or college on our Team Page.

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Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like to make a booking please email the team using the email address below.

You can also visit our Be Ready Team page to find out more about the team.