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Ask Bath

Offering students in Years 10-13 short-term, academic support or information about university from a current student E-Mentor.

What is Ask Bath?

Ask Bath is an online chat service for students from Years 10-13 offering academic peer support and insight into life at university. It offers instant messaging for students via a secure platform enabling them to link up with an E-Mentor whenever and where ever they want, for as short or long a time as they like.

Female student working on her laptop

How does it work?

Our E-Mentors can give Ask Bath students some short-term academic support in many different subjects that they have studied themselves.

  • Students will choose an E-Mentor based on the subject that they need help with or to ask about university life.
  • The E-Mentor will help the student with questions about homework, the relevant subject or information about what it's like to study at university.
  • If the student would like help with a different subject, they can request to be unmatched and then get help from an
    E-Mentor in the different subject.
  • The match with an E-Mentor is a short-term arrangement which will expire after a short period of inactivity.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Ask Bath then please get in touch!