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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Foundations

A self-directed course, created by students, researchers and experts from Bath, to guide you through key topics related to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

This flexible, self-directed online course will guide you through five modules designed by University of Bath students, to provide a foundation in key areas of equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) work. The learning modules will support you to reflect upon and address your unconscious biases and consider how you can be an ally to marginalised groups.

About the modules

The five modules cover:

  • Why Equality, Diversity & Inclusion matters
  • Unconscious bias
  • Privilege
  • Microaggressions and discrimination
  • Allyship

The modules are designed to be used by students but could also be useful for staff too.

Working through the modules

We would strongly recommend working through the modules in consecutive order, but you can also access each of them independently if there’s a particular area you’d like to focus on.

Please remember to prioritise your own sense of safety and well-being - we all have different lived experiences, and there are some activities and content which could be triggering, so do take a break or skip these areas if you need to and seek support where you feel it’s helpful.

Introduction from the course leader

Hear from Lateesha, an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion specialist who has recently completed her PhD at Bath. She will lead you through each of the modules.

Modules 1-3

Use the links below to access the modules

Modules 4-5


Access our teaching resources

We have developed some resources for teachers to support the teaching of ED&I content using these modules.


These videos can be used to help you better understand the modules, or as part of an introduction to the modules in a group setting. Through the videos, you'll hear from students and staff involved in creating the modules, about why they feel they're are valuable for preparing students for the world beyond school or college.

An Introduction for Teachers/Supporters

This video gives an overview of the modules and allows you to hear from the creators as to why they think it will be useful for your students.

An Introduction for Students

Hear from some of the students who created the modules. They explain why they wanted to be involved and how they think you will benefit from them.

Tell us what you think and claim your certificate

Complete our feedback form We'd love to hear your feedback about the modules. What's good and what could be better? Please let us know.

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