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Vice-Chancellor’s Outreach Awards

Celebrating our staff and PhD students who go above and beyond by taking part in outreach activities on behalf of the University.

Outreach is a valuable tool for connecting with our potential students and the wider public. Many of our staff and PhD students take part in these activities beyond their normal work. The University of Bath wants to recognise the great job that they do and the invaluable contribution that they make to this crucial area of work.

The Vice-Chancellor's Outreach Awards are now open for 2024. Nominations can be submitted via this form.

You can nominate yourself or someone else. All University staff and PhD students are eligible for the awards except for those whose main job role is outreach.

Nominations will close on 31 May 2024.

Winners will be announced at a celebration event on 4 July, 4.00-5.30pm - register here to attend!

The nomination categories


A South Asian, female academic in a blue lab coat with two female and one male students in a laboratory

Nominations are received for five categories:


Has your activity really struck a chord with the audience? Have they been inspired, engaged and enthused? The Engage Award is for an outreach activity that has really captured the audience and made a difference to them.

Reach out

Have you worked with underserved audiences? Does your outreach get to those who miss out elsewhere? The Reach Out Award recognises those that deliver outreach to unusual, under-represented or hard-to-reach audiences


How have you helped colleagues and students to deliver outreach? Have you helped to raise the profile of outreach in your department? The Support Award celebrates those who support outreach, whether they deliver it themselves or not.


Has your outreach changed things? Can you show that you’ve made a real difference to your audience? The Impact Award is for those with a robust evaluation of their activities showing the benefit that they have.


Have you contributed to many outreach projects? Has your input been particularly involved? The Dedication Award recognises ongoing and substantial contributions to outreach.

The 2022 nominees

**The Outreach Awards run biennially. Explore the last awards from 2022 below.**

Congratulations to all the nominees for the 2022 Outreach Awards. The quality was high and the breadth of outreach and audiences was a pleasure to see.

  • CSCT Public Engagement Committee
  • CSCT team (shortlisted – Support)
  • Sandra Daroczi (shortlisted – Dedication)
  • Matteo De Tina
  • Margaret Duff
  • Stephen Flower (shortlisted – Reach Out)
  • Sabina Gheduzzi (shortlisted – Impact)
  • Nina Higson-Sweeney (shortlisted – Reach Out)
  • Gavin Knowles and Pooja Anil Kumar Nair (shortlisted – Engage)
  • Harindi Jayakody (shortlisted – Impact)
  • Richard Joiner (shortlisted – Dedication)
  • Rachel Lees (shortlisted – Engage)
  • Anne-Catherine Mechler
  • Mike Ndawula
  • Alice Phillips
  • Chris Round (shortlisted – Support)
  • Imroze Sahota and Joanna Newman
  • Hannah Thompson, Hannah Moore and Lucy Wilcock

The details of the winners and a summary of their nominations can be found on our blog post.

Nominate yourself or someone else for the 2024 Outreach Awards

Submit your nomination by 31 May

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