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Curriculum in Context: Biology - Cells

Find out how the Biology A level content is used in research into the treatment for cancer.

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Hear how Megan uses the A level Biology curriculum in her research into the treatment of cancer. #Mitosis #Interphase #CellCycle #Transcription #Replication #CirculatorySystem #TargetedDrugDelivery #MetalOrganic Frameworks #CancerCells

My name is Megan Thompson, and I’m a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath.
In my research I use computer simulations to model the formation of porous crystals which will be loaded with medication and used for targeted drug delivery in chemotherapy patients.

What you are learning in your Biology A level in terms of the cell cycle and the circulatory system, is the knowledge that I use every day in my research. I test hypothetical crystals to see if they can retain the medication in healthy areas of the body and release the medication in the vicinity of tumours.

A level syllabus links

Biology A level:

  1. Stages of the cell cycle
  2. Cell division
  3. Targeting medication

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