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Curriculum in Context: Economics - The Role of Banks

Find out how Economics A level content is linked with studying about the financial markets and Monetary Policy.

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Hear about how Samuel uses the A level Economics curriculum in his research into the role of the financial sector. #AggregateEconomy #Banks #MicroEconomics #MacroEconomics #CentralBank #Risk

Hello, My Name is Samuel Bodunrin. I’m a PhD student of Economics at the University of Bath. My research looks at the banking crises and provides solutions to keep the banks safe and the economy running smoothly. My work involves areas you will already be looking at in your Economics A level, such as financial markets and Monetary Policy.

A level syllabus links

Economics A level:

  1. The regulation of the financial system
  2. Central banks and monetary policy
  3. The structure of financial markets

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