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Curriculum in Context: Geography - Research Methods

Find out about how Geography A level content is used in Education research

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Hear how Jo uses the A level Geography curriculum in her Education research. #MixedMethodsResearch #quantitative #qualitative #DataSet #Mean #Mode #Median #EducationPolicy #Representation #Access

I’m Jo Davies and I’m a second-year PhD student within the Department of Education at the University of Bath. My research focuses on inequalities in access to elite universities among students in the UK. My work intersects with areas of the A level Geography curriculum, such as people’s experiences of place. I also use some quantitative and qualitative research methods that you may be familiar with from your own studies.

A level syllabus links

Geography A level:

  1. Quantitative & Qualitative Skills
  2. Social Inequalities
  3. Place Studies

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