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Curriculum in Context: Politics

Find out about how A Level content is used in Politics research.

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Defence as a devolved policy concern

Find out more from Tomos. #Politics #Constitution #Devolution #DefencePolicy #UncodifiedConstitution #InterpretavistApproach

I’m Tomos Evans and I am in my final year researching for a PhD in politics at the University of Bath. My research focuses on the United Kingdom’s constitution, devolution, and defence policy. Key parts of my research link to the Politics A level syllabus around how the UK’s constitution has changed over time – especially since 1997.

Although I am looking closely at how defence policy works in a devolved and more decentralised United Kingdom, my research also addresses broader political questions about where power lies and who is accountable for what. Understanding the constitution, especially in our current political climate, is key to gaining knowledge of UK politics as a whole.

A level syllabus links

Politics A level:
1. Know and understand in detail contemporary politics in the UK
2. The British constitution, how it has changed since 1997
3. The impact of devolution on the UK

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