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Tips: Time at university

Useful tips for first-year students.

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Advice and useful tips for university life.

Top tips from graduates

Graduates give their top tips on being at university

Attending lectures

Lectures are a new experience for many students, but a common aspect of university life.

Lectures are not as interactive compared to seminars and tutorials; it is as an opportunity for a lecturer to speak about the subject, and for you to take notes. If your lecture is recorded, you can watch it again at home if you missed anything.

There is often a lot of content, so it can take time to develop efficient forms of note-taking. For example, instead of writing everything the lecturer is saying, just note down key points to help you learn the content.

Study tips

Part of independent learning is developing efficient study habits and routines.

Our students recommend not leaving everything until the last minute. The importance of a work/life balance includes starting work as early as possible, particularly to relieve pressure as deadlines approach.

More help can be found at the Mathematics Resources Centre (MASH) - help with maths and stats problems for all students, Skills Centre including Academic Skills training and Languages and Skills Training ranging from free workshops for career options to personal development.

Social aspects

Socialising and making new friends can be one of the most daunting parts of the university experience.

There are many different ways to be introduced to people with similar interests. For example, during Freshers’ Week, get stuck into as many different things as possible; societies, music and dance lessons, and volunteering.

However, sometimes it is not as easy to make friends as others may make it out to be, and it’s OK if it takes longer to meet the right people.

Managing money

Managing your own money for the academic year can be made easier with some helpful strategies.

Mainly, it is about budgeting; plan around your three student loan instalments of the year. Moreover, universities have bursary schemes or the Students’ Union can offer advice if you’re struggling financially.

Also, don’t forget to plan ahead. Save on food costs and reduce waste by planning meals.

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