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Working towards a safer and more secure world: examining the role played by Europe

Our research project on Europe's roles in regional and global security.

Image of a map of europe
Our studies consider all the elements that play a part in global security

The USA spends over 100 million dollars every day maintaining its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Global security has become more diffuse and irregular since the end of the Cold War. Europe’s role in regional and global security is marked by its ability to put agreements into practice through a larger security community consisting of European and North American states as well as key regional organisations such as the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and Council of Europe.

We have carried out extensive research on how the EU, NATO and the OSCE shape regional and global security in a range of different areas such as deterrence, arms control, managing ethnic conflict and Europe’s role in the world.

Professor David Galbreath’s research reveals the central role played by confidence and security building measures that improve trust, transparency and accountability. It has informed a variety of actors, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the OSCE, and Minority Rights Group International, on the policy-making processes of European security.