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Bath Student Economic Journal 2023/24

Our journal celebrates students' research and rewards outstanding work across undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts, which cover key areas of economics.


The Bath Student Economic Journal (BSEJ) is published twice a year.

Summer 2023 (volume 1, issue 1)

Assessing the changing relationship between the No.11 sugar price and WTI oil price with structural breaks and Vector Error Correction models

  • By Rebecca Barrows
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

Analysing the Relationship between Gender Inequality and Economic Growth in South America through the Presence of Gender Gaps in Education and Employment

  • By Rosie Drew Davies
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

Is a City Status Pointless?

  • By Benjamin Hall
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

Personality and Academic Performance: A study of gender differences among STEM students at the University of Bath

  • By Sophie Ketner
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)
  • By Cara Nelson
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

The Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Induced Redistribution of Resources away from Cancer Services in England: A Statistical Analysis and OLG Model Approach to Inform Policy

  • By Aren Sargood
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

An Empirical Analysis on the Causal Relationship between Currency Intervention and the Asymmetry of Volatility in Foreign Exchange Markets

  • By Matthew Shao
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)

Assessing the Impact of Technological Innovation, Natural Gas Rents and Macroeconomic Factors on the Development of Renewable Energy

  • By Thomas Spicer
  • (ES30029: Dissertation)


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