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Date Title
23.03.22 CDAS InConversation: Dr Kami Fletcher with George Gumisiriza
23.03.22 Further Reflections on a Year of Turbulence: Holding Space for the Pandemic's Dead and the Living Left Behind
03.03.22 Home Deaths: How this 'DIY' movement is taking over how we process death
25.11.21 Data, Deaths and COVID-19: Why delays in UK government action led to unnecessary deaths at the start of the pandemic.
20.10.21 “Words are my currency”: paying attention to unintended consequences in the ‘death conversation’
14.09.21 Good Grief Festival: public engagement and grief research during COVID-19
09.09.21 COVID-19: Thinking about families – our own and others
07.07.21 Caring for the Dead during the COVID-19 Pandemic
28.05.21 What is Ageism? Reflections on the Workplace
13.05.21 “You are on mute” – On change and continuity in funerals during a pandemic
16.04.21 COVID-19 - death and intellectual disability
16.04.21 COVID-19 Trauma of Funerals
15.04.21 Planning for the Pandemic's Dead: Reflections on a Year of Turbulence