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Centre for Conflict, Migration and Humanitarian Action: Research Outputs

Find out about the projects we've been involved in.


An black man playing a Oud while sitting on a bed in a small run down room
Yemeni oud player in refugee camp in Djibouti. Natalia Paszkiewicz

Members of the Centre have been involved in a wide array of multidisciplinary research projects in the UK and around the globe. These include:

Doctoral Research


  • Frances Mary Johnson (2020 completed): ‘Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children: Childhood, Agency and Integration’
  • Alfred Carr (2021 completed): ‘A qualitative study of factors that affect mental health help-seeking among Ghanaian immigrants in Calgary’
  • Kinga Papiez (2021 completed): ‘Making sense of transnational belonging and social citizenship - the experiences of Polish migrants in the south-west England’
  • Rebecca Yeo (2021 completed): ‘Who is worthy of ‘our’ support? An exploration of the causes, impact and possible alternatives to the relative entitlements associated with disability and forced migration’


  • Anna Kvittingen (2021 completion due): ‘Gaps and Expectations: The Politics of Protecting Refugees in the Middle East’
  • Isabelle Schafer (2021 completion due): ‘Integration of forced migrants in the United Kingdom: the role of Higher Education Institutions’
  • Elise Reslinger (2021 completion due): ‘In the shadow of the French asylum system: home-making practices of asylum-seeking children in Bretagne’
  • Qionglei Xu (2022 completion due): 'Exploring migrant children's emotional ties with peers and teachers in adapting to new urban lives: A case study in China'
  • Polly Winfield (2022 completion due): “Performing (Hi)Stories in Constitution Hill and Hillbrow”
  • Cat Gray (2024 completion due): ‘The adoption and use of artificial intelligence technologies (AITs) by humanitarian organisations: an institutional ethnography’

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