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Exam Schedule

How to access your personal exam timetable.


The Semester 2 assessment period starts on Monday 13 May 2024 and ends on Friday 31 May 2024.

Find your Exam Schedule

This page will be refreshed before each assessment period. The schedule for Semester 2 exams was released on 18 March 2024.

The general schedule

From 18 March 2024 you can view the general schedule for upcoming exams on Confluence (the University wiki) - you will need to use VPN to access Confluence.

Your personalised Exam Schedule on SAMIS

From 20 March 2024 your personalised Exam Schedule for upcoming exams will be available on SAMIS.

The Schedule on SAMIS tells you the dates and times of your exams and whether your exams are in-person using paper or Inspera, or sat remotely and online using Inspera. 

The default type of exam is an on-campus, in-person exam using pen and paper. If the room shown in SAMIS is:

  • A room only such as 4 WEST – 1.10, your exam will be sat on campus, normally using paper.
  • A room and Inspera such as 10 EAST - 0.24 (Inspera), you will sit your Inspera exam in-person in this room. You cannot choose to take your exam in another location.
  • Inspera only, your exam will be sat using Inspera remotely, in a location you choose.

If you hold a Student (or Tier 4) visa to study in the UK, you are currently required to undertake all of your study (including all exams delivered online) in the UK. For further information please contact the Student Immigration Service at

Exams will start between 9am and 5pm UK local time, Monday to Friday. If you are taking your exam outside of the UK, you will need to sit the exam according to the UK time on the schedule. You are expected to plan your time accordingly.

Further information on the types of exams you could be set is provided in the Student Guide to Exams.

If your exam is not showing in SAMIS

If you think one of your units is missing from your SAMIS Exam Schedule, please contact your Programme Administrator. Updates may take a short time to show in SAMIS.

Further information

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