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Reactionary Politics Research Group publications

A collection of publications, including journal articles, from members of the Reactionary Politics Research Group.


This page contains a selection of recently published articles from members of the Reactionary Politics Research Group. They focus explicitly on the problem of violence.

  • Berglund, O., Britton, J., Hatzisavvidou, S., Robbins, C. & D. Shackleton (2023) Just transition in the post-pandemic city, Local Environment, DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2023.2173732
  • Brown, K. and Mondon, A. (2022) The role of the media in the mainstreaming of the far right. IPPR Progressive Review, 29(2), pp.147-153.
  • Dillet, B. (2022) ‘Beyond technofix: Thinking with Epimetheus in the Anthropocene’, Contemporary Political Theory, Vol. 21, pp. 351-372.
  • Dillet, B. (2022) ‘Speaking to algorithms? Rhetorical political analysis as technological analysis’, Politics, 42, 2, pp. 231-246.
  • Dillet, B. (2022) ‘The Missing Politics of Restitution: Answering Esposito’s Triptych of Political Ontology’, Cultural Critique, 115, pp. 125-142.
  • Dillet, B. and Hatzisavvidou, S. (2022) ‘Beyond Technofix: Thinking with Epimetheus in the Anthropocene’. Contemporary Political Theory 21, 351–372 (2022).
  • Hall, S. (2023) The Authoritarian International: Tracing How Authoritarian Regimes Learn in the Post-Soviet Space. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Hall, S. (2023) ‘The End of Adaptive Authoritarianism in Belarus?’, Europe-Asia Studies, 75:1, 1-27, DOI: 10.1080/09668136.2022.2093332
  • Hatzisavvidou, S. (2022) ‘The Rhetorical Strategy of Moralisation: A Lesson from Greece’, in C. Kock and Villadsen, L. Populist Rhetorics: Case Studies and a Minimalist Definition. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 141-164.
  • Miles, P. (2022) Sebastián Lelio's Una mujer fantástica: Intimate Citizenship, Trans Activism, and the Gender Identity Law in Chile. Latin American Perspectives.
  • Miles, P. (2022) "#WalesAway: Trafod rhywedd a chenedl ymysg cefnogwyr oddi cartref: yr Ewros a thu hwnt" (#Wales Away: Negotiating Gender & Nation in Away Fandom, the Euros & Beyond) in Ffion Eluned Owen (ed.) Y Wal Goch: Ar Ben y Byd (The Red Wall: On Top of the World). Y Lolfa: Tal-y-bont.
  • Mondon, A (2022) ‘Populism (studies) does not exist, but it still matters’, Populism Studies, Online First.
  • Mondon, A (2022) ‘Epistemologies of ignorance in far right studies: the invisibilisation of racism and whiteness in times of populist hype’, Acta Politica, Online First.
  • Mondon, A (2022) ‘Populism, public opinion, and the mainstreaming of the far right: The ‘immigration issue’ and the construction of a reactionary ‘people’’, Politics, Online First.
  • Newth, G and Maccaferri, M. 2022. ‘The delegitimisation of Europe in a pro-European country ‘Sovereignism’ and populism in the political discourse of Matteo Salvini’s Lega’, Journal of Language and Politics, 21(2): 277-299.
  • Newth, G and Maccaferri, M. 2022. ‘From performative anti-fascism to post-fascism: the Lega (Nord)’s political discourse in historical context, Journal of Political Ideologies, Online First.
  • Newth, G. 2023. Fathers of the Lega. Populist Regionalism and Populist Nationalism in Historical Perspective, Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Newth, G. 2023. ‘Rethinking “Nativism”. Beyond the ideational approach’, Identities. 30 (2): 161-180.
  • Vaughan, A, Braune, J, Tinsley, M and Mondon, A. (eds) (2023 forthcoming) The Ethics of Researching the Far Right. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

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