University of Bath

Narrating the Self: Women's writing experiences across frontiers

The Politics of Culture & Memory Cluster will host the second Narrating the Self workshop with guest speakers discussing their research on female writers.

22 Nov 20184.15pm
22 Nov 20187.05pm
Book in woman's hand
The second Narrating the Self workshop reviews female writing experiences across cultures

The Politics of Culture & Memory Research Cluster from the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies(PoLIS) is hosting the second Narrating the Self workshop. Various guest speakers will present their papers on female writers throughout time:

The Bilingual Life Writing of Franco-Australian Author Catherine Rey by Natalie Edwards, University of Adelaide, Australia. This paper reads the work of Franco-Australian writer Catherine Rey through the lens of translanguaging.

Female Tales of Franco-Italian Afropean Experience in works by Fatou Diome and Igiaba Scego by Christopher Hogarth, University of South Australia. This paper discusses the literary portrayals of lived experience between Europe and Africa by two female writers based in Europe.

Crossing the Mexican Border: Physical, Cultural, and Linguistic Border Crossings in the Work of Valeria Luiselli by Katie Brown, University of Exeter. Katie examines Valeria Luiselli work’s potential to offer a nuanced understanding of the tensions between the local and the transnational, therefore counteracting the nationalism she witnesses in both Mexico and the US.

Dissolving margins between self, life and writing: Double acts of female creativity in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet by Adalgisa Giorgio, University of Bath. Adalgisa's paper explores Ferrante’s quadrilogy as a story of female friendship and creativity.