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University of Bath

Undergraduate Social Work Applicant Interviews

Find out about what to expect and how to prepare for an applicant interview for the BSc (Hons) Social Work and Applied Social Studies course at Bath.

Social work selection interview

Due to requirements set by the regulator for social work, all our BSc (Hons) Social Work and Applied Social Studies applicants who are suitable at application stage will be invited to a selection interview day. If successful, you will be made an offer to study at the University.

We know interviews are nerve-wracking and hope this guide will help. While this is an official interview, we want you to be yourself and at ease; some previous students have even said that they enjoyed the experience!

Interview selection day

Most interviews are held in late November through to mid-March. If we invite you to attend an interview we will email you details of the time, date and location around two weeks before.

Prior to the interview selection day, you must complete the Declaration of Suitability for Social Work form and bring this with you in an envelope marked 'Confidential: Social Work Suitability Declaration'.

During the interview selection day you will:

  • attend a presentation with all candidates to find out more about the University and the course
  • complete a short written exercise
  • receive a tour of the campus
  • lunch with some of our current students
  • have a one-to-one interview with a member of staff and either a social work practitioner or a service user

If you have a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty, long-term health condition, or require any additional support, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may discuss your requirements with you prior to your interview.

Preparing for your selection interview

We want the process to be a positive experience for you. We will only invite you to attend a selection interview if we are interested in your application and want to find out more about you.

When you arrive at your interview location you will be greeted by a member of staff from the department who will welcome you and show you where to wait. Typically you will be interviewed by two people; usually one member of staff and one other professional or service user.

There are two assessments you will complete during the day; a written exercise and a one-to-one interview.

Written exercise

The written exercise is based on the Social workers, resilience, positive emotions and optimism article. You should read and consider this before your interview. On the day, we will ask you to write your response to a question based on your thoughts about the article.

One-to-one interview

This is not an academic interview. We want to learn more about:

  • who you are
  • your motivation for becoming a social worker
  • what you can contribute to the profession

We are looking for you to demonstrate that you have the best academic and practice potential and chance to succeed and flourish by studying a degree at Bath.

We will also ask you to answer some social work specific questions. Try not to get anxious if you are unsure of the answer straight away; you will be given time to work through the question and the interviewer will support you and want to see how you can apply your logic to work out the answer.

At the end of the interview you will be invited to ask any questions you have about the course and we will also provide you with some information about what will happen next.

Good ways to prepare for the one-to-one interview

What to wear

We would like you to feel comfortable during your interview and we do not have a dress code. Lots of candidates choose something smart but casual.

Interview outcome

You will be notified through UCAS Track whether or not you have been successful. We aim to notify you within two weeks from the date of your interview.

Travelling to the University

We suggest you arrive early for your interview so that you have time to find your way and feel comfortable before your interview.

You should read our guidance on travelling to Bath and how to access the campus. It can be very difficult to find parking on campus and we suggest you use alternative routes of transport if at all possible.

If you do park on campus please do familiarise yourself with our campus maps before you arrive and allow yourself plenty of time to find a space.

Travel Bursary

Our Travel Bursary refunds the cost of your travel for an Applicant Visit Day or interview.

Making the most of your visit

We will try to arrange your interview to coincide with an Applicant Visit Day. However, where this is not possible we would like you to be able to make the most of your time on campus and explore our ways to experience the University.

Attending the day with guests

We are happy for you to be accompanied to the interview by a relative, guardian or friend, and they are welcome to attend the presentation with you at the start of the day. They will not be able to be present during your written exercise.

If your interview takes place during a general Applicant Visit Day then your friend, relative or guardian attending with you is welcome to continue with the Day's activities whilst you attend your interview. Alternatively, they may wait in the department reception area or there are several cafes and restaurants available on campus.

Our tips for your interview