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Using Pure if you are a doctoral student

How to use Pure and get the support you need if you are a doctoral student at the University.

About Pure for doctoral students

Pure is a system which collects a range of information about the University’s research. All doctoral students are automatically set up with a Pure account and a personal profile page. This is available to use during your time at the University. You are encouraged to use the system to keep an up-to-date record of all of your research activity at Bath. Using Pure will enable you with:

  • having an official profile on the University’s research portal during your studies
  • promoting your research within the academic community and beyond
  • making your publications open access
  • storing all the information about your research-related activities and impact in one place
  • producing up-to-date CVs instantly
  • transfer Pure publication data to external systems (such as Orcid
  • submitting your doctoral thesis

The University of Bath’s Research Portal draws from the information provided in Pure and can raise the visibility of your research externally and enhance your research profile and career prospects.

Enhancing your Pure profile

There is guidance on how to update your profile in Pure and you can also attend training sessions delivered as part of the Doctoral Skills programme on using Pure.

To enhance your profile further we encourage you to upload a photo and include additional headings in to either the ‘Research interests’ or ‘Other responsibilities’ sections. This might include information on topics such as Career summary, Roles or Skills.

Profile examples

For inspiration, you can view some examples of profiles for doctoral students in Pure:

  • Jane Mackay, PhD Research Programme in Management and Policy Research

Pure user guides

See other Pure use guides.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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