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What to add to your Pure profile

Information on the data you should add to your Pure profile.

Types of data you should add to Pure

Adding profile information

You can add information about your research, teaching and other relevant interests, and whether you are willing to accept PhD students. You can also upload a profile photo and add links to your other external webpages.

See updating your profile on Pure.

Profile information

You should add a brief description of your research interests and a photo to Pure to populate your staff profile page. You can also add details of your teaching interests (but please don’t add details of specific courses you teach), details of your willingness to accept PhD students and other areas of responsibility.

See how to update your profile.


You should add your publications from at least the last 5 years, and any other highlights. This is useful for:

  • meeting funder and the REF Open Access policies
  • increasing the visibility of your research: publications in Pure are displayed on the University of Bath’s Research Portal and on many department/school websites
  • completing your Research Activity Report

Full-text documents

Pure serves as the University’s institutional repository and making your publications’ full-texts available on Pure is one way of making them Open Access. As a minimum, you should upload your full-text documents for articles or conference proceedings accepted for publication.

The two major relevant UK Open Access policies are:

See how to add research outputs and upload full-text documents


ORCID is an identifier which distinguishes you from every other researcher. It also supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognised and can facilitate reporting to funders (eg, ResearchFish).

You can create an ORCID or add an existing ORCID to Pure. To do so, log onto Pure, select 'Edit profile', then select 'Add existing ORCID' or 'Create ORCID'.

See adding your ORCID to Pure.

You can add your key research-related activities, such as fellowships, collaborations, and public engagement from the last 5 years. This is useful for:

  • raising awareness of your research achievements
  • increasing the breadth of your research information
  • supporting your impact records
  • completing your Research Activity Report

See how to add research activities

Recording your impact

You can record your impact from 2013 onwards. This is useful for:

  • recording evidence of the impact of your research on a regular basis: this is crucial for the next REF and may also be used for ResearchFish reporting
  • completing your Research Activity Report

See how to add impact records

Linking your Pure records

You can create links between your Pure records. This is useful for:

  • demonstrating the success of your funding, for example in terms of resulting publications, activities, further funding
  • supporting the continued provision of University research facilities
  • completing your impact records

See linking content in Pure.

See our summary handout for linking your Pure records.

Pure user guides

See other Pure user guides.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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