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Psychology Ethics Committee terms of reference

The Psychology Ethics Committee terms of reference outline the role and responsibilities of this committee.


1.1 Purpose

The Purpose of the Psychology Ethics Committee is to receive and consider outline proposals for ethical approval for psychology-related research primarily being undertaken by staff and students in the Department of Psychology.

1.2 The specific terms of reference of the Psychology Ethics Committee are to:

  • Consider outline research protocols from staff and students of the Department to assess the suitability of this work in terms of research ethics (it is envisaged that all proposals that entail work on animal and human subjects will be considered by the Panel, even if the work may not require approval by a local REC - this intention here is to set an ethical standard for all such research work conducted by the Department).
  • Receive decisions of IRAS or other UK or appropriate ethical decision making bodies.
  • Develop guidance and provide advice to researchers in the Department about ethics in research.
  • Liaise with the local Research Ethics Committee (and equivalent bodies nationally and internationally) to consider, review and advise on the ethical approval of research being conducted by representatives of the Department of Psychology.
  • Liaise with the University Ethics Committee in the implementation of the University's research ethics policies.
  • Share practice with other Ethics Committees which operate within the University (and outside) as appropriate.

1.3 Membership of the Panel

The panel will have the following members:

  • A Member to chair the committee
  • A representative from the primary research sub-disciplines
  • Member of the Psychology Research Committee
  • A lay member

1.4 Reporting Mechanisms

The Psychology Ethics Committee reports directly to the University Ethics committee.

1.5 Frequency of Meetings

The Committee meets on a monthly basis. The frequency of meetings may change based on the volume of proposals to be considered. A minimum of 3 members of the committee must be present at the meeting in order to be quorate. If less than 3 members are present, the meeting will be postponed.

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