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Research-related policies

The policies that govern research activities at Bath, including our policies on animal research and whistleblowing, as well as our open access mandate.


Directory of policies

Animal research policy statement

How we approach research involving animals, including regulations we follow, our ethical review process, and the animal species we use in our research.

See the policy statement for animal research.

Anti-bribery policy

The University's approach to monitoring, identifying, and avoiding bribery.

See the anti-bribery policy.

Anti-money laundering policy

The University’s response to risk monitoring, identifying, and ultimately avoiding incidents and risks of money-laundering activities involving the University.

See the anti-money laundering policy.

Child protection and safeguarding policy

The University's policy for all aspects of child protection and safeguarding within the work of the University.

See the child protection and safeguarding policy

Code of ethics

Our commitment to sound corporate governance and the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our activities.

See the code of ethics.

Code of good practice in research integrity

The principles and standards that you must adhere to if you are involved in research at the University.

See the code of good practice in research integrity.

Consultancy policy

The University's policy for academic staff engaging in consultancy projects.

See the consultancy policy.

Due diligence: Grants with collaborators

The University's process for applying for funding and managing projects with collaborators, to comply with funder requirements and minimise risk.

See the due diligence for grants with collaborators

Due diligence: Nagoya protocol

The Nagoya Protocol is for research or utilisation of genetic resource that is in the scope of the protocol.

See the Nagoya Protocol

Electronic information systems security policy

Your responsibilities for ensuring the security of information systems at the University and your place within the security framework.

See the electronic information systems security policy

Environmental policy

How we're making the University more environmentally sustainable through our teaching, research and administration.

See the Environmental policy.

Export control policy

The University's commitment to complying with Export Control Law.

See the Export Control Policy

Financial conflict of interest policy

The University of Bath Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) Policy for staff receiving funding from US Public Health Service funders.

See the Financial Conflict of Interest Policy.

Intellectual property policy

Intellectual property is a term used to describe legal rights that can exist in ideas generated and works created by individuals.

See the Intellectual Property policy.

IT security policy

Find out your responsibilities for ensuring the security of information systems at the University and your place within the security framework.

See the IT security policy.

Open access mandate

Open access is the process of making your research freely available, enabling as many readers as possible to find and use it regardless of economic circumstance.

See the open access mandate.

Prevent policy

Our policy sets out how the University is responding to its statutory duty to pay due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

See the prevent policy.

Public interest disclosure (whistleblowing) policy

The policy encourages openness and transparency and underpins risk management arrangements to deter malpractice and help protect the University's reputation.

See the public interest disclosure (whistleblowing) policy.

Research data policy

This policy ensures that the University and its researchers fulfil their legal, ethical, and contractual obligations regarding research data management.

See the research data policy.

Research misconduct

Our procedure for inquiring into allegations of misconduct in research and scholarship.

See the research misconduct policy.

Trusted Research

How to mitigate potential risks of sharing information when undertaking international collaborations.

See Trusted Research: Protecting you and your research

Working with genetically modified organisms policy

This Policy applies to work referred to as “contained use” with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) at the University.

See the working with genetically modified organisms policy.

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