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Social Determinants of Health

A Research Theme exploring the wider drivers of health, wellbeing and behaviour. We study economic resources, education, the environment and social networks.

Health behaviours

We are interested in:

  • the role of information, taxes and incentives
  • the determinants of dietary habits
  • inequalities in health behaviours
  • costs and consequences of health behaviours
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We study:

  • the costs and consequences of urban planning
  • housing, health and wellbeing
  • climate change
  • policies to address pollution and green spaces
  • health inequalities
  • economic resources
  • education
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Mental health and wellbeing

We are interested in the measurement of mental health and wellbeing as well as the causes and consequences of poor mental health.

We examine:

  • the relation between economic resources and wellbeing
  • measurement and validation of mental health indicators
  • the political and economic consequences of poor mental health
  • the relation between physical and mental health
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Healthcare policies

We are interested in whether and how healthcare policies affect health outcomes, behaviours and healthcare quality in high income, and low- and middle- income countries.

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About us

We're interested in the wider determinants of health, wellbeing and behaviours. In addition to the healthcare sector, these include economic resources, education, the environment as well as social networks, to name a few. We take a wider approach to health across fields in economics as well as across the social and environmental sciences, aiming to inform the design and evaluation of cross-sectoral policies.

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