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Department of Economics research

Our research activities cover all the mainstream fields of economics. This includes economic theory, econometrics, and finance.

Research themes

Our research takes place across four themes.

Innovation and Productivity

An arial photo of paper plans in a row with one plane in yellow taking a different course upwards to the others

A Research Theme dedicated to the study of the drivers of innovation and how innovation translates into productivity in the economy.

Social Determinants of Health

A lady doing some gardening.

A Research Theme exploring the wider drivers of health, wellbeing and behaviour. We study economic resources, education, the environment and social networks.

Sustainable Living

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A Research Theme that helps to encourage people and societies to move towards lifestyles that have lower adverse impacts on the environment.

Research groups

Our research activity is spread across five research groups.

Research impact

Our research has furthered our understanding of various key economic issues, such as the minimum wage, climate change and pollution.

Our staff

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Our research

Our department has a strong research culture, with many of our papers published in leading journals. We carry out interdisciplinary research that has a widespread impact on society, including contributions to large scale international projects.

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