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Innovation and Productivity

A Research Theme dedicated to the study of the drivers of innovation and how innovation translates into productivity in the economy.

Innovation and growth

We are interested in:

  • how investment in basic research influence growth
  • how to achieve inclusive growth through investments in science and taxation
  • the impact of artificial intelligence on innovation, growth and inequality
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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are a core institution of the knowledge economy. We study:

  • when getting a patent drives the success of a start-up
  • how the taxation of intellectual property lead to profit shifting
  • how intellectual property enforcement shapes trade and growth
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Talent and the knowledge frontier

Scientific breakthrough are often achieved by individuals who already excelled as teenagers. In this context, we investigate:

  • how the country birth influences the knowledge produced by talented individuals
  • how restricting or increasing migration would impact global knowledge production
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About us

We study the drivers of innovation and how innovation translates into productivity in the economy. We use a variety of approaches, ranging from macroeconomic modelling to empirical areas.

We focus on three areas:

  • innovation and long run growth
  • intellectual Property Rights
  • talent and the knowledge frontier

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