I didn't have any intention to do an Academic Exchange when I started the International Management course. But I changed my mind and ended up doing a year at Singapore Management University (SMU). This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Doing an exchange exposed me to different cultures, allowed me to meet people from all around the world and travel around Asia.

Enjoying a different approach and culture

Lectures at SMU are very different to Bath and I really enjoyed the change. They were all three hours long but there were no seminars. Class participation was encouraged and the lessons were really interactive and engaging.

Singaporeans and SMU lecturers are very welcoming and I found it effortless to settle into life there.

Singapore was a great city to live in. It is the perfect combination of Western and Asian culture and the perfect place for travelling. Many destinations including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are close.

Building for the future

My Academic Exchange will be really useful for my future. It provided me with countless experiences to talk about during job interviews and I built up a network of contacts around the world.

I’m now more culturally and commercially aware, which will aid both my personal and professional life.

My Academic Exchange made me more mature and completely took me out of my comfort zone. I would recommend it to anyone.